Products & Services

Our core services delivery attributes now include

Hygiene (Sanitary) service/product presentation
Beautiful site presentation
We front perfect aerated services delivery, through offering ‘high-height’ peaked tents and embed and safety measures in all the hire equipment

Our Target market is characterized with

Highly admired and respected individuals/entities
Possessing a positive self esteem
And highly professional in their respective fields of work

1. Alpine (Marquee) Tent: – A multi-purpose tent suitable for corporate functions, weddings, exhibitions, Church gatherings ; all activities taking place under one roof. The common attribute with this tent is that it raises one’s self esteem and this is actually what ‘value for money’ means!
Restrains firmly on ground to bestow a steadfast shelter

2. Multiflex Tent: – Much smaller than the Alpine tent, but more or less serves the very purpose. In its unique sharp, can hold minimum sized functions especially in school activities. Other functions where it’s most likely to be hired include government cerebration, church gatherings, promotional activities and exhibitions.
Magnificent conception out of a pretty Tent

3. Pergola Tents: – These are ideal for smaller gatherings. They have beautiful canopy structures and come in the capacities of 50, 80, 100, 150 setters (theater style). In the same shape we have the Cake tents, Bridal tents and Gift tents.
Stand facing a gorgeous composition

4. Mobile Toilets: – These mobile toilets are one of the kind in the Uganda market. They are executive with rubber foot pedals used for sink water and flushing purposes. In addition to the a above attributes; the mobile toilets come with fully usable materials like those in any modern toilet facility.
Executive Mobile Toilets

5. Parasols: – Very unique with elegant looks. This package comes with an umbrella, round table covered with linen and chairs (10 in number) with chair covers. Its suitable for outdoor – relaxing – garden like functions, barbeque parties etc. Other items in store include platforms, executive chairs, plastic chairs, and executive tables, round table, moon tables and plastic tables.

Parasol Tent

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