TENTS 4 U is situated in the suburbs of Mutungo/Kitintale and is an indigenous incorporated company which has been in existence since 2005.

Our main purpose is to serve various stakeholders, with the emphasis on providing top quality services to its customers. We pride in the ever growing market which we are consistently managing to serve  adequately.

Our main OBJECTIVE has been to serve our customers with dedication and a sufficient return on investment for our stakeholders.

At TENTS 4 U, we recognize that, in order to fulfill our purpose, there is need to dedicate our professional and technical resources to;

  • Tailoring our services to the needs of our customers, flushing out any risks of fear that may be engulfing our customers for non-delivery beyond our clients’ expectation.
  • Create policies which enhance continuous professional development for top quality management and deliverance.

We guarantee you that we shall provide you with the best professional touch, kind of service with the intent to never to be forgotten by any of our clients once served.